True Testimonials

“Mr. Wilton got me a plea deal that didn’t require lifetime registration. Major victory. Go to him!” – Lindsey G., accused of reckless indecency

“Mr. Wilton said my smirking mug was a dead give away. But in the end, he got me pretrial diversion. So, I guess he’s alright.” – Ken P., accused of fraud

“I was sinfully guilty, but my lawyer fought like hell and got me a good deal!” – Mitch M., accused of lying under oath (In this testimonial, “my lawyer” refers to David Wilton, probably.)

“David said I deserved a long prison sentence, but got me time served instead. Thanks, Dave!” – Devin N., accused of criminal contempt of court

“I may have a drinking problem, but a charge of DWI for being passed out in the backseat is character assassination. Thank God David won my case. Now I can pursue my higher ambitions. Good lawyer!” – Brett K., accused of DWI, related felonies

“My husband hired Mr. Wilton to represent him for perjuring himself. They didn’t get along, so my husband told him, ‘You’re fired!’ Mr. Wilton dodged a bullet. Lucky guy!” – Melania T., wife of a former client accused of aggravated perjury

“When you’re in trouble, better satire than sarcasm.” – Michael M., accused of insurrection